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The opportunity to get together and create exchange.

Our event support services range from the creation of Look and Feels to the supervision of all assigned activities on site as well as the pre- and post-production and transport of all related goods. Thanks to our respected pool of partners we ensure smooth workflow processes, timely implementation and the best possible quality.

For additional requests such as Image Videos, Show-reels or Simple-Show productions, we coordinate and manage the involvement of trustworthy and creative partner companies in order to give your brand or product the best possible visibility and make your event turn out as a true success story.

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Project Management

The ambitious orchestration of individual resources.

We have the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet required success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavour designed to produce a unique product, service or result. It will most likely have a defined or desired start and end time and is always constrained by time, budget and resources.

By nature projects stand in contrast to ‛business as usual’, which is more or less characterised by repetitive activities to produce products or render services. In practice, the management of projects, which will always imply some kinds of unpredictable factors, is different, and as such requires distinct management strategies, knowledge and technical skills.

The objective of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints and external preconditions. The project goals and all relevant information are usually described up-front in a project manual, compiled by the project management specialists in co-ordination with the customer.

The primary challenge is constraints, scope, time, available resources, quality and budget. The secondary and more ambitious challenge is to orchestrate and optimise the allocation and timing of all available resources to exactly meet all pre-defined objectives in the most effective and economic way.

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The creation of a distinctive style.

Brand identity is one of the most important factors for success in businesses of all sizes. Your brand communicates how you will be perceived by other businesses, clients and the general public. We will help you to establish a brand and a logo that your target market engages with.

KEEPMO delivers creative, tailor-made services and solutions for both traditional and new media covering the complete communications process, from concept development to creation and production. We define our task as creating designs that clearly communicate and support the client’s corporate goals and represent the spirit of the company.

Our broad portfolio of graphic services includes the

  • Design of logos, trademarks, symbols and office stationery
  • Conceptual creation and design of advertisements
  • Design und creation of print media such as brochures, catalogues, annual reports, etc.
  • Design and creation of websites and digital presentations
  • Creation of hand-drawn illustrations in all artistic techniques and computer graphics
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How to connect systems and bridge digital gaps.

Software can be thought of as the most flexible part of all current computer systems, devices and digital architectures, and will most likely play the key part within all digital transition and transformation processes.

We develop bespoke software to connect or integrate your existing digital systems with or into modern information architecture and will also help you to virtualise your current information infrastructure.

We will determine the most suitable approach to migrating your current application-level software into virtual and cloud-based IT ecosystems and also will help to keep migration costs as low as possible.

We develop mobile apps for all current operating systems which will then connect to your IT systems, thus extending communication to your employees, customers and partners.

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The perception of significant transitions on the web and how to act appropriately.

All of our websites are bespoke and made to exactly meet the requirements of our clients. We build websites tailored to meet your business goals and engage the end user. We believe all websites should be responsive or adaptive to all kinds of mobile or stationary devices to ensure the best possible user experience, thus targeting all visitors on all their preferred digital devices.

A professional, highly adaptive website will produce a positive return on investment for your business by increasing the number of customers and revenue. Such a website should be seen as one of the most important digital communication channels capable of integrating all other marketing efforts into one hub.

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Good partners and best practices!

Over the years KEEPMO’s founders have built up trustful business relationships with various service providers such as trade fair constructors, printing companies, trainers, software developers, illustrators and photographers.

One of our well esteemed photographers has been accompanying us for many years in our events all over Europe, including political congresses, European summits, think tank meetings and conferences, providing natural documentary photography as well as professional photo sessions for company and employee presentations.

Whenever training is needed, whether it is in the field of the application of special software or in compliance with safety guidelines and regulations during an event, we are glad to be able to draw on our experienced trainers.

All our partners, whom we hold in high esteem, have proven excellent in day-to-day work and give us the opportunity to provide a wide range of services to our clients.