Event 'Political Congress, Bucharest 2012'

Event 'Political Congress,
Bucharest 2012'

Work Required

The EPP 2012 Congress was held in the Palace of the Parliament, the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon in the US. A major challenge for us was to integrate our designed Congress Look and Feel appropriately and to reach an adequate visibility in this colossal parliament building with its massively ornate interior and oversized halls. The main task was to create a welcoming atmosphere and mark the dedicated areas on different congress floors accordingly so that participants would not get lost in the building. More than ever a clear orientation system was key.

We created a Look and Feel with bright and perceptible colours and a corresponding contrast to the ornamental marble architecture. Except for the congress stage and ‘village’ (chill-out lounge) we were entrusted with the supervision of the production, transport and setup of all congress-related stands, large-size banners, flags and backdrops in the interior and exterior areas.

Our Implementation

We branded the main entrance with large banners between the huge columns and decorated the sides with flag motifs. Along the balcony parapet above the entrance we built a large wind and weather-resistant banner construction. Inside the building we set up the complete registration, voting and press areas, a specially designed interview box and designed, produced and set up continuous large-scale backdrops.

Furthermore we provided our customer with various printed materials such as badges, tablecloths and seating tissues, etc..