Website - FVV

Work Required

The first idea to build the FVV-website came up in the mid-1990s. The objectives were discussed by the FVV (the customer), Rüdiger Knott and a colleague of his, who also had a long-term IT experience at that time.

It was decided to start with a clear presentation of the FVV, its products and services and to extend the capabilities of the site as soon as new web technologies became available. No interactivity or forms were planned at this early stage. In addition it was agreed that 'electronic' communication between the customers and the FVV would only take place via email and telephone as long as communication via the internet could not be properly secured.

Our Implementation

We started by collecting all available material used in the realm of analogue media used by the FVV to communicate with its customers or prospective clients, and then developed a corporate design for the new web presence, which underlined the well-known and established brand and identity of the FVV.

As the standards of web technology continuously matured and also customers got more accustomed to using the web for their day-to-day purposes, we gradually enhanced the FVV-website, including the integration of forms with sophisticated math calculations and evaluations in the background in close co-operation with the client.