Events 'Martens Centre for European Studies'

Events 'Martens Centre for European Studies'

Work Required

The Centre for European Studies was founded in 2007 as the official think tank of the European People’s Party (EPP), aiming to put forward new ideas and have policy impact through concrete proposals to shape European public opinion.

In 2007 we were entrusted with the creation of a visual design, including the CES logo, the complete stationery as well as roll-up displays and the brochure ‘CES Start-up report’. Besides the arrangement of fully equipped fair stands that we projected, created, produced and set up for our client at various European events, we mainly took care of the CES' corporate design aspects in the beginning. We were in charge of the concept and design of the Annual Reports and other annual publications, which rapidly increased in importance. In 2014, after the death of CES founding father and long-standing EPP President Wilfried Martens, the think tank was renamed in his honour and is now the ‘Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies’.

Our Implementation

Being involved with the creation of the CES’ visual identity as of day one, we developed the logo and all brand-related designs that were applied on Pop-up and Roll-up displays, flags, banners and on the office stationery. This included not least their very first publication, the CES Start-up report. For their events we provided and still provide the CES with representative presentation stands tailored to the needs of our customer with illumination, audio and video equipment and nicely arranged shelving constructions to display their publications.