Website - Karl-Heinz Florenz, MEP

Work Required

A few years ago Mr Karl-Heinz Florenz, a German Member of the European Parliament, contacted us to propose ideas for the redesign of his official website.

His objective was to obtain a dynamic, highly informative and well-structured online presentation of his field of activities in the European Parliament and also his political work for the citizens of his constituency in Germany.

Our Implementation

First of all, we took care of all necessary steps to ensure a smooth migration to the new hosting platform. We designed and created a highly customised website consciously waiving the use of any ‘out of the box’ solution which would not comply with the given requirements.

In close collaboration with his staff in Brussels and Germany we defined the structure of the new website, defined a new taxonomy for the content, took eye-catching photos underlining the main topics and set-up comprehensive photo and video archives. In addition we implemented an audio archive of Mr Florenz's speeches and resolutions.

Particularly for the visitors belonging to his constituency we designed a striking interactive map by which the visitor can easily navigate to the main websites of the six departments (Kreise) of Mr Florenz’s native region 'Niederrhein'.

To support the individual requirements of the maintenance of the web content we developed a customised content management system for the client.